Tuesday, 9 August 2011

All About Suzie

 When my siblings came to visit me, back in May, Suzie stayed in England for 2 weeks longer than Chris & Kathryn. It was really nice to spend time with just Soosie (aka Ma'am Suzanne Claire Cheeseman, aka Bluesie, aka Boozie, aka Boozehound). Since coming to Cambreej, I am feeling more like Suzie than ever. I feel relaxed, and un-hurried, and very live-and-let-live-ish. I think it is a good change in me, and I hope Suzie doesn't take offense to this.

The best parts of the Just Suzie visit were when we just hung out and did nothing. It was wonderful. The week my sibs were here was a bit whirlwindy and a little emotionally draining, and so the day that Chris & Kathryn left, Suzie and I stayed in, played with Elizabeth, and watched about 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Then we went to the grocery store, and got totally soaked when the heavens opened up unexpectedly. I'm not sure if she believed me that this had never happened to me before. I swear, we've been here 8 months and I think it's rained like that . . . 5 times? Don't believe everything you read about British weather!

We went to visit our cousin Emma (of Lapwing Drive fame), and had a great time. Emma's house is a haven of calm for me - the James family has a million toys, Elizabeth l-o-v-e-s Henry & Millie, Emma's kids, and best of all, Emma is never stressed about a tidy house. Her house is always clean, but the kids are allowed to really play and have fun. Elizabeth loves it there.

So here are my fave photos of the Just Suzie visit. Ever the conversationalist, Suzie refused to miss out on the chatting when she needed 'fresh air' and made us laugh by popping her little head into windows so she could contribute to the conversation. And then we went to the Cambridge Beer Festival. Eliz was a hit - she went to all the little groups of drinkers and 'cheers'-ed them with her little sippy cup of lager water.

 On the weekend, we went to Camden market for some serious shopping. Check out our sweet haul! I got this cool dress-over-a-dress number that I love, and this scarf (as a twofer deal), and Suzie got all kinds of clothes and bling. Including, I hope you realize, a real imitation sapphire ring that is pretty much exactly the one that Princess Diana had, which makes it also exactly the one the Duchess of Cambridge has. Boo yah.
This is Suzie's best new outfit: new-to-her black leather jacket, cute balloon-dress with jeweled neckline, with skinny jeans and heels. Hello gorgeous.   

All of Suzie's new clothes make her a Fsashionista.
Hawkeye's big find? A keychain with a mini map of the London Underground. He knows what he likes.
Suzie's parting gift to Cambreej was a new tambourine and drum for Elizabeth. Auntie Suzie is good at finding toys that are noisy, and these ones that don't have a battery you can take out or an on/off switch are grrrrrreat! Even at 7 am! Honest! And for some reason (is beer a reason?) Suzie decided to play the tambourine as we cycled home from the pub.
Sometimes, when you're so Cambreej, you just have to let it out.
In conclusion: Soosie is an excellent house guest, and we had a great, great time with her.

PS I love using 'In conclusion'. Love, love, love it.

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